EPDF Jannah
EPDF Jannah

EPDF JANNAH, is a lightweight PDF editing tool designed specifically for mobile devices and available for download on Google Play. This versatile app offers a broad array of features catering to the comprehensive handling of PDF files.

EPDF JANNAH aplicaci├│n Android Gratis

  1. File Conversion: EPDF JANNAH allows users to convert various file types, including Excel, barcode, image, and text, into PDF format.
  2. Comprehensive PDF Editing: Unlike some other PDF editors, this app lives up to its claims by providing a complete set of utilities for editing every element within a PDF file. Users can seamlessly personalize their documents by adding photos to PDF files.
  3. Security Features: Users can enhance document security by adding passwords to PDF files. The app also supports the addition of custom text, rotation of PDF pages, and incorporation of watermarks, including custom watermarks.
  4. Versatile Editing Options: The app offers an extensive set of editing options, including merging and splitting PDFs, backing up PDFs, compressing PDFs, removing duplicate and different pages, and reordering and organizing pages.
  5. Additional Features: EPDF JANNAH provides users with options for extracting pages, converting PDFs to images, extracting text, converting ZIP files to PDFs, and adding QR codes and barcodes. Users can scan QR codes and barcodes, as well as add signatures and password protection to PDFs.
  6. Photo Editing: The app includes photo editing features such as image compression, setting image scale type, filtering images, and adjusting page size.
  7. Visual Customization: Users can preview PDFs, add borders and manage them, create grayscale PDFs, add margins from all sides, change page colors, display PDF page numbers, and modify font style, color, and size.
  8. Multilingual Support: EPDF JANNAH is available in 11 languages, catering to a diverse user base, and offers a light/dark theme option for personalized viewing.

PDF Editor Jannah App (EPDF JANNAH) stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for handling PDF files on mobile devices, making it valuable for both personal and professional use.

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Size: 41.4 MB
Version: 1.6.7   
Published: 4 de December de 2023

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